Paris during the « Années folles »


In the early 20th century, « Aux Belles Poules » was one of the most famous brothel of Paris.»

Built around 1904, this one-of-a-kind establishment saw its most glorious days of debauchery in the 20’s.
Within the secret of its velvet curtains, this Années folles brothel welcomed the Parisian high society, coming to fool around behind closed doors where the party, ladies of the night and champagne never stopped.
In 1948 the Marthe Richard’s law ended all the brothels in France. Therefore “Aux Belles Poules” had to close its doors.

An Art deco treasure


The venue’s walls are covered with magnificent erotic mosaics and huge mirrors.

« Aux Belles Poules » is the only establishment whose décor was kept almost intact, unlike the other Parisian brothels. Its rivals at the time, « Le Sphinx », « Le Chabanais » or the « One Two Two », have today disappeared.

The space, a listed building, is a true masterpiece of Art deco.

The spirit of the house


« S’il vous plaît de chanter les fleurs, qu’elles poussent au moins rue Blondel, dans un bordel » – Georges Brassens, Le Pornographe

With its period decor, « Aux Belles Poules » offers today a unique venue and an ideal space for all types of events.

Hiring a former brothel in the centre of Paris is now an incredible experience available to everybody.